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Pavel Kalyuzhny

P. Kalyuzhny — middle of 1980

Kalyuzhny Pavel Pavlovich born March 6, 1916 in a peasant family in the village of Vasilyevka Krasnoarmeyskiy district of Zaporozhye region.

C in 1931 started his own career in the construction of the Dnieper Zaporozhye Aluminum Plant City. C 1933 to 1937 he worked in elektroplavilschikom metallurgical shop of the plant. In 1937 he graduated from Zaporozhye Flying Club and voluntarily, at the call of the Zaporozhye military enlistment office entered the Kachin school pilots. In August 1938 he graduated from this school and was sent to the Moscow military district in the town of Lyubertsy of the 34 Fighter Regiment, a junior pilot. In 1940 he was appointed commander, and then, in the same year, the deputy commander of the squadron of the same regiment. In 1941 with the beginning of World War II was transferred to the Aviation Regiment 35istrebitelny navigator on the Leningrad front. In November of the same year, 35 regiment was peimenovan istrebiteny 487 Aviation Regiment. In 1942 he was appointed commander of the Air Squadron 487 Fighter Regiment, which in September 1943 was renamed the 146 Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment. From November 1943 to April 1944 he studied at the Higher Officers' School of air combat in Lyubertsy. After graduation, he was appointed senior pilot inspector pilot technique to the Western Front defense. In August 1944, he was appointed deputy commander of the 124 Fighter Division where he served until the end of 1945. After reforming the 124 Fighter Division he was appointed commander of the 119 Fighter Regiment 104 air defense fighter aviation division. In 1946, 119 Fighter Regiment was disbanded and Kalyuzhny PP naznachenkomandirom was 445 Fighter Regiment 144 Fighter Division, where he served until 1948. In 1948 he enrolled at the Academy of the Red Banner Air Force, which finished v1952 year. In the same year he was appointed commander of the 93 air defense fighter aviation division. In 1955 he was enrolled student of the Academy of the General Staff, and after its completion in 1957 was appointed commander of the Odessa aircraft air defense corps. In 1959 he was appointed commander of the Army Aviation Special Leningrad defense. C 1961 to 1965 commanded the 14th Air Defense Corps. And from 1965 to 1976 he was deputy commander of the 6 separate air defense army combat training.

He was elected a deputy of the city council Borovichi Byelorussian SSR, deputy of the Stalingrad regional council, the deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the Georgian SSR. He was a candidate member of the Communist Party of Georgia.